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Celebrate the Richness of Different Viewpoints

When you come across a different religion or philosophy, don't see it as a rival. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn and expand your understanding.

Imagine yourself standing at the foot of a majestic mountain. The peak beckons, shrouded in mist, a promise of breathtaking views and profound clarity. There are three paths leading up, each unique but ultimately converging at the summit. This is the essence of the Yogi's Threefold Path – Karma Yoga (the path of action), Gnani Yoga (the path of knowledge), and Raja Yoga (the path of meditation).

Each path offers a distinct approach to self-realization. Interestingly, Buddhism also presents a threefold structure, emphasizing ethical conduct, mental discipline, and wisdom. Basically the same as the Yogi philosophy.

This beautiful alignment hints at a deeper truth: all religions and philosophies may be interpreting the same reality from different angles, using unique languages and metaphors.

The Yogis admired Buddha, Jesus, and other enlightened beings as "advanced minds in the flesh," spreading the message of love, kindness, and self-awareness. Perhaps these profound teachers, like the founders of other major religions, weren't establishing rigid doctrines, but rather offering different paths up the same mountain.

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