Everything Works Out in the End

Keep putting in the effort, stay focused on your goals, and trust that the universe has your back.

You sometimes feel like life is being unfair—stuck in a dead-end job, bills piling up, and a seemingly endless string of bad luck. We've all experienced it. But even in the mess, life often sorts itself out in surprising and wonderful ways.

A few years ago, after losing my business, I found myself in a financial struggle. My inconsistent income wasn't covering my rent, living expenses and outstanding business debt. The pressure was mounting, and my credit card was about to be maxed out. It felt like I was drowning, with every solution merely a temporary fix.

Then, something unexpected happened. Out of the blue, I received a notification – a credit limit increase on my card. It was a lifeline, a seemingly random act of kindness from the universe. But was it truly random?

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