It Will Make You Many Friends

Kindness is a powerful tool. It allows you to navigate challenges with a smile, build bridges instead of walls, and create a more positive reality for yourself and those around you.

I recently visited my hometown after years of absence. As I explored the sentimental places around the city, a memory surfaced in front of my old middle school.

There I was, the new kid in class. Newly arrived from another city, not a single friend in town, I scanned the classroom, that daunting social jungle, heart pounding a frantic rhythm. They made fun of my thick ‘regio’ accent. It never really bothered me. I would just smile, laugh and be kind.

Those simple acts of kindness – smiling, being lighthearted – those tiny ripples launched a wave of friendships that continue to this day.

Looking back, I realize the magic wasn't just in being smart or good at soccer, but in the power of a positive approach. It turns out, Leo Tolstoy was right: "Kindness is for your soul as health is for your body: you don't notice it when you have it." When we project kindness, we create a magnetic pull, drawing people in and fostering connection.

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