The Work You Do Matters

Remember, even the detours hold value. Learn, adapt, and do your best. You never know where those experiences might lead, what unexpected joys they might hold.

Sorry for the typo in the title yesterday. Thanks, Lisa, for letting me know.

The soft summer breeze whispers through the leaves as I expertly weave string lights across the patio. Each connection, each knot, feels automatic. Every perfectly spaced bulb brings a quiet satisfaction. My fingers know exactly what to do, a learned efficiency born from an unlikely past.

But unlike the many times I strung lights for strangers' homes during my TaskRabbit days, today, a different feeling washes over me – a deep sense of gratitude.

Back then, TaskRabbit was my proving ground, a platform where people like me were called upon to hang TVs, assemble furniture, anything that required a helping hand and some basic know-how. String lights, of course, were a frequent request.

Standing beneath a web of lights back then, I couldn't help but think, "Is this really where I envisioned myself?" My path had taken a sharp turn. A decade of running my own restaurant, a dream built in another country, was abruptly snuffed out by the pandemic. Here I was, in a new land, my visa expired, forced to take on any job that wouldn't require a work permit.

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