You Control The Tools

Work on yourself, and watch social media transform from a potential pitfall into a bridge to reconnect with the people who matter most.

My wife and I were enjoying a fun trip, and as always, I documented our adventures on Instagram. Little did I know, a simple story would spark a reunion. A notification popped up – it was one of my friend from yoga teacher training! We hadn't spoken in months, but there she was, commenting on my Instagram story.

She happened to be a few blocks away. Within minutes, we were sharing a delicious ramen dinner, rekindling a friendship that might have otherwise been lost to time.

This experience highlights the power of social media for good. It can keep us connected to old friends, to family, and even inspire each other. Yet, a common narrative paints social media as the enemy – a villain designed to manipulate and addict. And there's truth to that. These platforms can be engineered to exploit our vulnerabilities.

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