Give Yourself Some Credit

Appreciate the process of learning and growing. Every small improvement is to be celebrated. Even the smallest effort you put in matters. The art of moving on is accepting what was, as it is. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and appreciate how far you’ve come.

I have four tattoos, two on each forearm. One of them says AMOR FATI, which means ‘love of fate’ in latin, borrowed from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. It is a stoic concept, a reminder to accept everything that was happening to me around 2016 when my heart was broken in more than one way. I even had a speech I gathered from different philosophers, memorized, and repeated each morning during that time.

One of the keys to navigating life is learning how to move on from things you don’t like anymore, from old friends, from ex-lovers, from negativity, from losses, from past mistakes, and from bad situations.

You've got to learn how to let go of things that weigh on your soul. And moving on doesn’t mean you shun the feelings of pain that such things cause you; it means allowing the emotions to be felt completely, without resisting them. Letting them flow through you.

“We part with first one thing and then another with pain and suffering,” Yogi Ramacharaka writes, “until we reach a position from which we can see what it all means.”

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