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12 Things I’ve Learned from the Yogis

lessons that have guiI’ve been embracing these 12 lessons as I continue to evolve and unfold on my path of self-development and improvement.

I started these daily reflections four months ago. This is the 100th email I send. And I thought of sharing some of the Yogi lessons that have guided me to becoming the person I am today.

  1. First of all, the Yogi philosophy has taught me that this vast science has nothing to do with the common poses and yoga studios that we see all around us. I'm a registered yoga teacher and I absolutely recommend anyone to practice yoga. It's a wonderful exercise. The poses sort of emulate common daily movements. It makes you crazy strong, flexible and less prone to injuries. But the Yogi Science encompasses all aspects of life, not only the care of the physical body. Yoga is about my unfoldment, growth, self-development, and improvement.

  2. Breathing properly is the simplest thing I can do to be healthy. The more air I can get inside my lungs, the more oxygen and prana. The more oxygen that goes into my blood, the healthier my organs will be. The more prana into my lungs, the more vitality I feel. Habitually filling up the lower, middle and upper part of my lungs has been key to keeping me healthy.

  3. Kindness is the greatest virtue of all. We are all part of the same human race, all working towards the same goal, each on our own path. It’s easy to be kind to nice people, but I have to remember to also be kind to people who aren’t. They also have a light inside, and as dim as it may be, they are still my brothers and sisters.

  4. Allow everyone to be themselves. Everyone grew up in different circumstances. I don't know what it's like to be someone else; I'd have to erase my memory, then go live out their entire life, with all the things they have experienced. So, I remember that everyone is doing their best in the circumstances they find themselves in. Everyone has different paths, perspectives, and beliefs. Sometimes no amount of argument will change or influence them, so I have learned to let them be.

  5. God is not a person. God is not the universe. The Yogis call it the Absolute because it encompasses absolutely everything. It is the real thing, it doesn’t depend upon something else. And there is nothing outside of it. Calling it god evokes an image of a person, a being with human attributes.

  6. Remember the oneness of all. We are all emanations of this being, the Absolute, which means we are all interconnected. And also seemingly lifeless things are vibrating and pulsating with energy. I am slowly learning to discard the sense of separateness and love all forms of life.

  7. Separate the "I" things from the not “I” things. I am spirit, and I am not my mind or my body or my emotions or even my personality. These are my vehicles for my expression. I have the potential to master them and use them to my advantage.

  8. I am exactly where I need to be. My current circumstances are precisely the experiences I need to be going through right now to learn my lessons and help me reach my ultimate good.

  9. Sitting in silence and quieting the mind is key to knowing myself. Meditating and concentrating on my breath has helped me separate myself from my mind, and in turn, this has brought me more control of my thoughts and emotions. I am less triggered by outside events. And it gives me clarity and brings me peace.

  10. Having a sense of humor. The Yogis have taught me to zoom out and perceive life as if it were a game. Laughing at my mistakes. Not taking myself too seriously. Carrying myself with a lighthearted attitude.

  11. Pain is a necessary component of life. I have parted ways with people and places that I found dear to my heart, and it was really painful. And in those painful moments, that's when I grew the most. Pain is inevitable. It is meant to teach me lessons.

  12. Work without being attached to outcomes, the fruits of my work, or the validation of those around me. Just work for work's sake and do my best. Always my best, no excuses. Even if I don't like what I am doing or even when I think I should be doing something else. Maximum effort always makes me feel good about myself, and it also makes people around happy.

I’ve been embracing these profound lessons as I continue to evolve and unfold on my path of self-development and improvement. There are, of course, more lessons I have learned and continue learning from this science. And it’s the reason I created this daily email.

I appreciate you all for following me in this journey.


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